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The "I Fight 4 Justice" Law Office was founded by Attorney Predrag Filipovic as a result of market inequity and social-economic unrest that existed in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st Century.

In the wake of the Great Recession, and after more than ten years of experience in corporate insurance and forensic finance/legal fields, Mr. Filipovic started this firm as an opportunity to remedy some of the injustice that exists all too prevalently through various spheres of our society, ironically despite an apparent surplus of licensed attorneys. "IFight4Justice" offers a patient ear to those who strongly feel that they have been wronged.

"I Fight 4 Justice" is a way to help potential clients injured by injustice whenever possible, and immediately apply the vast legal education and experience by putting it to practical use. The Firm focuses on making itself accessible to clientele and protecting the rights of those that might well have otherwise gone unrepresented or unaware of their legal rights, including minorities, recent immigrants, senior citizens, the disabled, exploited, unemployed and the injured.

Recently Mr. Filipovic was invited and spoke at his Widener University School of Law alma mater as a member of the Consumer Law panel, alongside nationally acclaimed consumer class action attorneys and his former professor and an employer Mr. Cary Flitter, Esq. and Ted Lorenz, Esq.

The "IFight4Justice" Law Office of Predrag Filipovic focuses on two mainstream activities:

  1. Conventional civil litigation on mostly plaintiff’s side in various areas described herein, focusing on consumer law, personal injury, ADA and employment related matters.

  2. Corporate Insurance law, due diligence related to business entity formation and underwriting participation in Lloyd’s of London insurance market. Mr. Filipovic has successfully completed engagement as an outside counsel to Elizabethtown Insurance Co. of PA in this capacity. He continues his role as a special counsel to Elizabethtown Insurance Co. of Pennsylvania dealing with this and other matters.

Note from the Managing Attorney

Predrag Filipovic, Esquire

Member of PA and NJ Bar

Excellence, Expertise, Compassion, and Professionalism in practice of contemporary law.

A choice of an attorney in the time of need is an important decision. I advise every prospective client to exercise due care and meticulous judgment in making that choice. To that effect, I have taken extra time and effort to depict who I am, how I got here, what the firm is and what it does. The information shared is a snap shot of all that I felt may be of interest to you before you make an informed choice regarding your representation. I hope to have an opportunity to discuss your issue with you and explore if and how I may be able to help. Thank You.

Yours Truly,
Predrag Filipovic, Esquire
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